BAHRAIN: Wefaq confirms the death of protester Salah Al Qattan

Matar_Matar: Wefaq confirms the death of protester Salah Al Qattan, 37 yr old, killed by #Bahrain police 1 day before #F1 via B_

 Wefaq confirmation of #Bahrain protestor's death significant. Had been voice of moderation in opposition movement. What they do now critical
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The body of a deceased person was found in Shakhoura today. Police have begun an investigation
[13.Body founded in #shakoura, investigation started, his family prevented from seeing him, its been suggusted that #Police killed him #Bahrain
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Salah was a political prisoner for 5 years in the 1990's. Ppl from the village say his body was dumped there early morning #bahrain #F1

Protestors ran away in a farm as a refuge. Police chased them tortured arrested others including Salah Abbas a 37yrs man ..