Iranian Flagrant Interference Condemned

Manama-May-16(BNA)The Arab Parliamentary Union today strongly condemned the Iranian interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs. In a statement issued today, it slammed the Iranian interference as being “flagrant, unacceptable, hostile and contravening the international law and norms.

Parliament Chairman Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani received a copy of the APU statement, which voiced deep concerns over the statements made by the Iranian Shura Council president and members, flagrantly interfering in the affairs of Bahrain and the GCC. The APU denounced the Iranian hostile stances as being in breach of the international law and norms as well as the principle of good neighbourliness.

“The recurrent flagrant Iranian statements and hostile stances do not serve the cause of security and stability in the regional”, The APU statement said, warning against the detrimental impact of such policies on the Arab-Iranian relations.

The pan-Arab union stressed its support for the initiatives and decisions undertaken by the Kingdom of Bahrain and all the GCC member states to defend their interests, security and stability.

The APU threw its weight behind Bahrain, backing the key decisions it had taken to promote its system, citing particularly the constitutional amendments – which would further anchor democracy and human rights.
The APU statement reaffirmed backing for the GCC leaders’ decisions to bolster cooperation towards establishing the union.