Public Security Chief: Four Policemen Injured in a Terrorist Blast

Manama, May 5. (BNA) -- Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al Hassan announced that a terrorist explosion had targeted on-duty policemen in Bani Jamra at 12:33am on Saturday morning while dealing with saboteurs and vandals who were terrorizing secure citizens and damaging public and private property.

Four policemen, including one critically injured, were hurt in the terrorist blast, he said, adding that the rest sustained serious wounds and burns and were all referred to the hospital for treatment.

The Public Security Chief also said that after the blast, investigators were deployed to the scene and launched an immediate investigation to identify the guilty parties and bring them to justice.

He also noted that the bomb that targeted on-duty police officers was a homemade one with a remote detonator, adding that the flames and shrapnel from the explosion covered a wide area and were responsible for injuring the targeted policemen.