Bahrain Crown Prince reiterates unity call

Nation needs constructive dialogue to move forward, Salman says
  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Manama: Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa said that divergences over political issues was natural, but added that abuses could not be accepted.
“It is common knowledge that political differences over political issues are a natural matter. However, abusing our morals, traditions, families and history is not acceptable and is not in line with our tolerant Islamic values or with our social and national orientations,” Prince Salman said as he visited several Ramadan majlises.
The crown prince has been in direct communication with various segments of the Bahraini society through regular visits in the Ramadan evenings to open gatherings, promoting a message of social cohesion and open dialogue.
Bahrain has been hit by the worst social crisis in its modern history following deep divergences over several issues.
However, Prince Salman has warned that the crisis was having a negative impact on the economy and development rates.
The economy does not know politics, but only facts and genuine cooperation should exist to help prepare a favourable reality on the ground, he said.
“We need a constructive dialogue, instead of the raising voices that have no positive results,” he said. “Therefore, there is a need to stress the effects of the positive words and to reinforce the efforts to promote reforms, united under the banner of Bahrain and the leadership of HM the King,” he said.
There is an urgent need to support the majority of the people who want positive things for the nation and to commend those who listened to the voice of reason and refused to break the law, he said.
“Even though we have come a long way in overcoming the consequences of the crisis, it is very evident that more work and perseverance are needed to fulfill the aspirations of all the people,” he said.
Prince Salman said that keenness by a large segment of the Bahraini society on the values of wisdom, moderation and tolerance was a source of optimism and motivation towards a better future for all the people “despite the challenges and missed opportunities.”
“We need to be stronger than the forces of destruction and crises that plot to slide the country into harm,” he said, adding that “what is possible today might not be possible tomorrow.”
Prince Salman warned that extremism and exclusions were real threats to the next generations.