Iran Warns of Global Repercussions of Syrian Crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran warned that the ongoing crisis in Syria could have dire consequences for the region and the world if it remains unresolved.

"If the Syria crisis is not managed, its repercussions will affect the region and the world," Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said at the end of an international conference on Syria here in Tehran on Thursday evening.

Addressing the closing ceremony, the Iranian minister said over 15 world countries presented their views about the current unrests in Syria, and further praised the active participation of all the 30 states participating in the conference.

He reiterated the vital importance of the Syrian issue, and said its aftermaths are not confined to Syria.

Elaborating on the contents of talks at the Tehran conference, Salehi said participants based their discussions on three axes, which included "rejecting violence, paving the ground for facilitating national dialogue and dispatching humanitarian aids to the Syrian people".

He said the results of the Tehran meeting was mentioned in the final statement.

The international consultative conference on the developments in Syria started in Tehran this afternoon and wrapped up work after several hours of discussions in the evening.

Foreign ministers and envoys of a large number of countries, including Russia, China, Belarus, Mauritania, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Benin, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Oman, Venezuela, Tajikistan, India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine as well as the UN envoy to Tehran are present at the conference.