Police Patrol under Terrorist Attack

Manama, Aug. 18. (BNA) – A police patrol was the victim of a terrorist attack at 9:30 pm on Friday when a group of thugs hurled on it a great number of Molotov cocktails while on duty in the highly-crowded Khalifa Al Kabeer Road, putting the lives of its members and those of the citizens and residents, as well as their property at risk.

Members of the patrol were hit, citizens and residents panicked and private and public property was damaged, which urged police officers to use the legal means required in such cases to defend themselves and the citizens.

In the process, one of the terrorist attackers was hit and was taken to hospital where he died later.

Such act is a terrorist one as the attackers hurled Molotov cocktail with a clear purpose to kill the members of the police patrol and spread terror and panic among citizens and residents.

The case has already been entrusted to the judicial authority and Investigation into the circumstances of the incident are still underway.

The government, along with the Public Prosecution, is resolved to reach the truth and will not tolerate any one found guilty of violating the law, either terrorists, saboteurs or police officers, as all are equal before the law.