Public schools re-open in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

Ministry officials said that they will bolster the use of electronic education in various schools and that virtual laboratories will be a regular feature in several institutions.

Bahrain officials look forward to greater stress on electronic education
  • By Habib Toumi Bureau Chief

Manama It is back to school for more than 128,000 students in Bahrain amid pledges of more advanced facilities in the new academic year.
“We have 128,728 students who will on Sunday start attending 206 schools,” an education ministry official has said. “There are 119 elementary schools, 21 elementary and middle schools, 37 middle schools, 35 high schools and three religious schools.”
According to the official, 10,501 new students have been enrolled in the first year, almost equally divided between young girls (5,304) and boys (5,197).
Among the students in the three levels, 1,400 have special needs students and the ministry has been keen on integrating them within the school community to boost their adaptation levels.
Most of the private schools, often functioning according to a different calendar, last week started their academic year while nurseries and kindergartens are scheduled to open next week.
In neighbouring Qatar, more than 200,000 students are also scheduled to start the new academic year on Sunday.
The expected increase in traffic on the roads has prompted traffic officials to call for extra caution and careful planning to avoid congestions.
Education officials said that 1,650 buses would take around 80,000 girls and boys to and back from schools and that more than 40,000 private cars would be used by school staff and by parents to drive their children to school.
The back-to-school season in Kuwait’s public schools also starts on Sunday when around 58,000 teachers join 799 schools in the country.
However, the first batch of the 374,000 students enrolled in all elementary, middle and high schools will start attending classes on September 16.