Bahrain: More than 19 areas brutally repressed during Eid days

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - In the context of the police systematic hostile behavior against the pro-democracy struggle, many peaceful protesters arbitrarily arrested, along with many injured. Many houses were brutally raided and verbal abuses and defamation were perpetrated by the regime forces against the householders.

Bird shots, lethal gases were heavily used against the people in many areas, such as: Manama, Nuaim, Maqsha, Karrana. Jidhafs, Daih, North Sehla, Eker, Maameer, Sitra Kharjeya, Esfala, Juffair, Karbabad, Sanabis, Samaheej, Aali, Eskan Aali, Esgaya.

Protests hit the streets demanding social justice, swift transition to democracy and real political representation in the government.

The regime forces attacked a peaceful protest in Manama on Eid, and arrested a father of the child (under 15) martyr Ali Jawad Al-Shaikh among other protesters.

People marched in Sitra to demand the immediate release of Jawad al-Shaikh.