Ahlul Bayt World Assembly Condemned Zionist Attack on Gaza on the Anniversary of the Karbala Uprising

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - “It seems the destiny of the oppressed people in Gaza coincides with the event of Karbala and Imam Husayn. About four years after the first Gaza war in Muharram 1429, for a second time in this month and the Husayni Ashura, the Yazidi forces and the Zionist anti-human regime assault Gaza,” the statement points to the first Gaza War that occurred in Muharram 1429 (2008) and stated.
In the following of the statement Muslims have been asked to hold rallies, protests against the embassies of America and Western countries, issuing statements, holding seminars and photo exhibitions to unmasking the Zionist regime and its allies.

In the name of God, the most beneficent, the most Merciful
Holy Qur’an, Chapter al-Buruj, Verse 8:
And they were vindictive towards them only because they believed in God, the All-mighty, the all-laudable.

Peace be on Muharram, the month of martyrdom and oppression, the month of honor and exile, the month of blood’s victory over the sword.
Peace be to Husayn, the son of Prophet Muhammad, who revived the ummah by sacrificing his own blood and became the model for all free people of the world.
The Muslim world is mourning the unjustly spilled blood of the oppressed people in Bahrain, Syria, Pakistan and Iraq, by the treacherous hands of leaders or the terrorist mercenaries of America and Britain.  While the followers and lovers of Ahl al-Bayt are preparing themselves for the mourning ceremonies of Muharram, we face yet another repeat of the tragic events of Karbala in Gaza. 
It seems the destiny of the oppressed people in Gaza coincides with the event of Karbala and Imam Husayn.  About four years after the first Gaza war in Muharram 1429, for a second time in this month and the Husayni Ashura, the Yazidi forces and the Zionistic anti-human regime assault Gaza. 
The Zionist assault on the Gaza Strip occurs at a time when several countries, especially America and England, support the aggressive and criminal Zionist regime and reject the defensive responses of the Palestinian groups and many independent countries, as well as countries with democratic movements.  Freedom is their only response in their weak and passive statements.  Unfortunately, the convening of the Security Council failed to produce any investigation of these attacks and thus ended without any result. 
The reactionary Arab countries, due to the fear of the uprising of their people, have retreated to the western powers and responded with their usual deafening silence and useless performance, adding yet another shameful insertion to their record.  The Arab League reacts to every development in Syria regardless of its veracity and strengthens the takfiri groups.  They condemn the clear aggressions only with words and have not taken the effective step to cut relations with this regime and boycott Israeli goods that fill the markets of these countries.  
In response to these events, the Ahlul Bayt (A) World Assembly which is an international organization that is a cultural and intellectual authority with the following of millions of Muslims in the world, calls the world’s attention to the following points.
1. We invite all the Muslims, freedom-lovers, and seekers of truth to condemn the criminal Zionist regime in its assault against the defenseless Gaza people and the cowardly terror attack on Martyr Ahmad Jabari, by use of all possible means and those mentioned below.
A. As the first and quickest response, all the Muslims after the Friday prayers should participate in protesting the Zionist regime and express their anger towards the Zionist regime and its supporters, including America and the passive and treacherous Arab and non-Arab regimes.
B. Gatherings at the American and western countries’ embassies to condemn the support of the Zionist regime and request to limit the support of this regime by America and the West.
C. Issue statements and hold nationwide rallies against the group of countries and the leaders of Arab and non-Arab countries who are acting against Syrian government resulting in the strengthening of the criminal Zionist regime and weakening of the axis of resistance.
D. Hold conferences with presence of Muslim and non-Muslim intellectuals and educators, establish symposiums exposing the crimes of the Zionist regime throughout its history of occupation, explain the side of resistance who is against the scheming side so that the information can reach the public opinion and break the Zionist monopoly on the media. 
2. We request all the scholars and elites of the Muslim world in this dangerous time to strengthen the unity among Muslims and take advantage of the days of Muharram by informing the people of Imam Husayn’s revolution, and encourage them by the stand in Karbala which was confronting injustice and battling the Yazids of the time. 
3.  We request international organizations and human rights groups to act according to their principles and condemn the vicious assaults against human rights and act practically to prevent the continuation of these crimes and support the oppressed nation of Palestine and demand their historical rights which have been neglected. 
4. We anticipate from Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold emergency sessions and issue practical statements in their full capacity to defend the oppressed Palestinian people and to use diplomatic means with the United Nations, Arab League, Non-Aligned Movement, and Unity of Muslim Scholars.
5. The responsibility of the revolutionary leaders of Tunis, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, who have sacrificed the blood of their youth to reach power, especially Egypt who has control of the Rafah crossing and has inherited the Camp David Accord from the previous regime. 
In the end, we request the people of Palestine, Syria, and Bahrain to be hopeful of the divine victory in their resistance against the oppressors that has been promised in the Quran: God will protect those who believe, just like it can be seen in the 33 day war, 22 day war, the Arab revolutions, and in the Islamic Revolution of Iran. 
It is hoped that the Zionist criminal regime is further isolated and this cancerous tumor is destructed, a phrase coined by Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, and the first Qiblah of the Muslims becomes under the control of the Islamic nation. 
‘If you help Allah, He will help you and solidify your feet.’
The Ahlul Bayt (A) World Assembly
30 Zulhijjah 1433