BAHRAIN: Security Forces Clamp down on Terrorists

Manama-Nov8(BNA)The security forces have stepped up the clampdown on terror acts against innocent people, seizing two-home-made bombs early today morning (Thursday) in Sitra Mahazza.

The security forces searched a minibus which was parked near a shop, after a it drew their suspicions, and found two bombs ready to be used and a detonator containing a high-density explosive.
The specialized security authorities had immediately taken all necessary measures and succeeded in deactivating the explosives.
In this same line, the security forces raided a warehouse in Bani Jamra and seize 178 Molotov cocktail bombs, 11 fire extinguishers, 200 iron rods and two petrol tanks, in addition to tyres and other substances used by terrorists in perpetrating their heinous designs.