Human Rights Minister Receives OHCHR Delegation

Manama-Dec2(BNA)Human Rights Affairs Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman today received technical assessment mission of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in their second visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, led by Frej Fennich, Middle East and North Affrica Section Chief, Chrisophe Peschoux, FOTCD UPR Team Chief, Giorgia Brignone, Desk Officer for Bahrain, Mohammed Abuharthieh, Human Rights Officer and Lana Baydas, Middle East Regional Office.
Dr. Salah pointed out the importance of the visit, which complements official efforts aimed at reaching out to relevant international organizations and human rights watchdogs as part of a drive to promote national legislations which comply with international agreements. Dr. Salah highlighted to the visiting delegation that the doors are open to all international human rights organizations adding that Bahrain was the first to periodically review its Human rights record before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva 4 years ago. This, he said, paved the way towards forming civil society organizations, which are now exercising their tasks without interference from the state authority. The Minister outlined democratic and legal reforms carried out including crafting laws that enhance the legal base of the country. Dr. Salah also praised the role of the various International Human rights councils and organizations in sharing their experience with Bahrain for the purpose of developing issues related to Human rights in Kingdom. ME / AHN