Kuwait security forces block parliament protests

Protests came as lawmakers held their first parliamentary session
  • AP
  • Published: 13:10 December 16, 2012
  • Image Credit: Reuters
  • About 400 protesters participated in a demonstration in downtown Kuwait City on Saturday.
Kuwait City: Security forces in Kuwait have blocked hundreds of protesters from staging a rally outside the parliament building as lawmakers held their first session since elections earlier this month.
The confrontation is part of near daily demonstrations by anti-government factions, which boycotted the December 1 election over objections to changes in voting rules imposed by Kuwait’s ruler.
There was no violence on Sunday, but protest leaders are vowing to increase pressures until Kuwait’s emir disbands the current parliament and orders new elections under the former voting rules that allowed people to cast multiple ballots. After being driven from outside parliament, demonstrators gathered in front of Kuwait’s supreme court building.
Kuwait’s deepening political crisis is being closely watched by the US, which has thousands of soldiers based in the strategic Gulf nation.