Kuwait TV channel court trial postponed

Opposition-linked TV channel shut down for alleged violation of regulations
  • Gulf News Report

Manama: A Kuwaiti court postponed its verdict in a case filed by a private television station against the information ministry for revoking its licence to January 2.
The ministry said that it pulled the plug on Al Yawm Television last week after it failed to comply with broadcasting regulations despite several requests and a final deadline.
Regulations require that a television channel appoint a full time Kuwaiti director, which the channel allegedly had not done.
However, the channel owners said that their papers were in order and that the channel had a full-time manager, Ahmad Al Jabr, as requested by the ministry.
The channel claimed it had been wronged by the ministry’s decision and said that Al Jabr was the head of the media group and was in this capacity the manager of the television station.
Several opposition figures, in an open standoff with the government, said that they supported the TV station in its quest to get back on air.
The new government said that it wanted to implement a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of the laws.