BAHRAIN: Public Prosecution / Statement

Manama-Jan26(BNA)Fifteen rioters have been remanded in custody for forty-five days pending investigation.

They are accused of taking part in an illegal demonstration on Friday (January25, 2013) in Manama Suq.
“The suspects have been interrogated in the presence of their lawyer and remanded in custody”, Capital Prosecutor Fahd Al-Bouainain said, adding that they would be referred to the Criminal Court to stand trial.

Around fifty persons gathered in Manama Suq following online calls and disrupted the traffic, sowing panic among shoppers and leading traders to close their outlets.

The saboteurs also assaulted the security forces which intervened to protect people and properties and restore public order.

One the rioters was arrested as he was holding iron rods in his hand, in addition to another is accused of instigating the protest via twitter. AHN