Bahrain rejects anti-Iranian claims on its media

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - While Bahraini media affiliated with Al Khalifa family, have made allegations against Iran in order to project suppression of public demonstrations in Bahrain, their false claims were so blatant that Bahrain government has objected to these claims.
Al Ahd reported that Bahrain Ministry of Interior has rejected the claims made by Al Belad daily on detention of an Iranian speed boat, which allegedly was carrying weapons, as totally baseless.
Director General of Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) has explained the incident. “In our contacts with Qatari authorities, they rejected the news on Qatar’s detention of a boat carrying weapons to Bahrain,” said he, “this should be communicated to the public by the media,” he added.
Al Belad daily, owned by Prime Minister’s son, Ali bin Al Khalifa, had claimed that Qatari Coast Guard force had detained an Iranian speed boat carrying weapons to Bahrain.
Iran has frequently stated that it did not intervene in Bahrain, and if it intervened, the situation would be better than that in the present.
Iranian officials believe that all allegations are intended to project suppression of peaceful demonstrations of Bahrain public.