7 amazing gaming & animation companies in Africa

By Miguel HeilbronVC4A

What is Africa’s gaming and animation industry up to? At Venture Capital for Africa, the largest online community connecting African entrepreneurs and investors, we’ve put together a list of great ventures in gaming and animation on VC4Africa, including video’s. Check them out and follow the ones you like.

Maliyo Games – Nigeria 
“At Maliyo Games, we have a simple philosophy; to share the experiences of everyday Africa with the world through interactive multimedia content, published for web and mobile distribution.” See their VC4Africa profile

Bino and Fino – Nigeria
“We want to cater to a global market that’s crying out for good quality African animation.” Bino and Fino is a cartoon series about a brother and sister named Bino and Fino who live with their grandparents ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ in a modern day city in Africa. Bino and Fino have many adventures where, with the help of their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly, they discover and learn things about the world. See their VC4Africa profile

Bongotoonz Animation Studio – Tanzania
Bongotoonz is the first Animation studio in Tanzania. Our services include 2D and 3D animation for Tv commercials, cartoon series,3d visualization,3D movies,games and educational programs. See their VC4Africa profile

Smids Animation Studios – Nigeria
Smids Animation Studios Limited is a Lagos based design studio into computer animation, motion graphics, visual effects, etc. Smids Animation Studios produces high-quality creative media solutions. We offer concept, development and production of cartoon series, television commercials, architectural visualization, presentation, visual effects and more. See their VC4Africa profile

SkillPod Media – South Africa
SkillPod Media is a South African based game solutions provider. The business has a global reach with clients in South Africa, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Luxembourg, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and a number of other regions. The primary focus of the business is the development of various online, mobile and social games platform solutions and the development and customisation of games titles for online, Facebook, mobile, including for: Android, Apple iOS and Symbian. See their VC4Africa profile

Seeds – Kenya
The last two listed ventures work on gaming with a twist. Seeds (Farmville meets Kiva) is a social game and API for mobile microlending from the developed to the developing world, and in your own backyard. Because the average social gamer is a 43-year-old woman, microlenders skew female, and women are the largest beneficiaries of microloans, Seeds is a high tech mobile startup for women that will also benefit them, merging gaming and microlending: two multi-billion dollar industries. See their VC4Africa profile

eLimu – Kenya
eLimu is an award-winning interactive, engaging and fun application for children in the Kenyan Primary School education system to learn and revise for their exams. “We incorporate animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes into the content from a leading local textbook publisher. The application can be deployed on any Android smartphone or tablet with 3G or Wireless connectivity in order to facilitate Q&As; with teachers and collaborative learning”. eLimu hopes to make a significant and positive long term impact on the Kenyan youth by improving their: test scores, cognitive thinking skills, social/environmental consciousness and IT literacy. See their VC4Africa profile