Kuwaiti women may become military pilots


Idea was floated when number of male applicants fell below the number of required potential pilots
  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Manama: Kuwaiti women are likely to be allowed to sit in the cockpits of military aircraft if a study recommends it.
Kuwaiti local daily Al Rai on Sunday said that there was “a serious study being conducted to allow women to join the Kuwaiti air force.”
Quoting military sources it did not name, the newspaper said that the decision was made after only seven men signed up to become army pilots even though Kuwait needs a much higher figure for the army aircraft.
“There is now a serious tendency to benefit from the potential of Kuwaiti women to join this significant and sensitive sector, especially that the political leaders have been encouraging young men and women to become members of the army,” the sources said. “Kuwaiti women have already proven their prowess in the security forces where they have held high positions as officers. They have displayed impressive levels on assuming responsibility, especially in dealing with the people.”
The study will be referred to the cabinet for a decision.
According to the sources, the initial stages of the army women’s flying training will on how to be helicopter pilots.
Women have been facing a struggle to enter all sectors of society, but have shown sufficient stamina to reach parliament where they won four seats in the 2009 elections, lost them in February 2012 and regained three in the December 2012 polls.
Two women hold ministerial portfolios in the cabinet.