Man stabbed by masked youths


Habib is in critical condition at Sulmaniya Hospital
  • By Mick O’Reilly Senior Associate Editor
Manama:A 30-year-old Bahraini man is clinging to life at the island’s main hospital here after being stabbed multiple times by street protesters.
Hussain Mohammad Redha Ahmad Habib was attacked outside his home in Bani Jamra on Tuesday night when he tried to stop a gang throwing petrol bombs at security forces. Habib was stabbed by the masked youths and was left unconscious. Medical officials at Sulmaniya Hospital say he faces weeks of treatment there.
In a similar incident, a Pakistani national was seriously injured when he was attacked by a gang of youths rioting near Imam Hussain Road earlier in the week. A news photographer for an Arabic publication was also attacked by youths who were throwing bricks and petrol bombs at security forces then.