Minister for Human Rights: Bahrain opens its doors for everybody to view its human rights accomplishments

Manama: Feb. 3 – (BNA) Minister of Human Rights, Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman, received in his office in the Ministry premises, the UN Human Rights' Advisory Committee member, Mr. Saeed Al-Faihani.

The Minister welcomed Mr. Al-Faihani, citing his accumulated experience in diplomacy and human rights domain which gained him the trust and confidence of members of the UN Human Rights Council who elected him unanimously as a committee member, which reflects international recognition of the Kingdom of Bahrain's rights record and its professional and trained national cadres in various fields including human rights.

The Minister said that Bahrain has always been at the forefront when it comes to training and qualification of its national cadres and that this is ascribable to the advanced system of education and fruitful knowledge gathering thanks to the successful state policies in this area which has proven Bahraini efficiency and skillful cadres who have assumed top and prestigious positions in various international organizations.

The Minister praised Bahraini presence at various international platforms related to human rights citing Mrs. Amal Al-Dossary's recently winning a seat in the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which reflects the effective attendance of Bahraini cadres at international platforms who will contribute so much in the area of human rights for various groups and sectors.

The Minister stated that Bahrain will continue on the path of progress and advancement in order to be actively present and participate at various Arab and international human rights organizations by nominating national cadres who will assume effective positions at these platforms, citing the success of an excellent Bahraini woman in presiding over the United Nations Organization which has been a success mission of HM the King to the international community that Bahrain despite its being small in size however it boasts a great culture and history which gave birth to qualified women and men who made effective leaders in various fields and pointed out that the applause, recognition and appreciation of various countries which supported the Kingdom of Bahrain's nomination to chair the United Nations and asserted that during Bahrain's presidency of the United Nations Organization it had achieved a great deal of success as attested by many UN members.

The Minister listened to a briefing on the role of the UN Human Rights' Advisory Committee members and the duties assigned to Mr. Al-Faihani in the upcoming period.

The Minister expressed the Ministry's readiness to provide all sorts of support to ensure the success of the new mission in order to serve human rights issues everywhere. The Minister for Human Rights Affairs accentuated that the Kingdom of Bahrain is a country which respects the principles of human rights, preserves human dignity, rejects any violation against the rights of its citizens or residents, opens its doors to everybody in order to check its practical human rights records, wishing Mr. Al-Faihani all success in his new functions.(IY)