Security Crackdown Failed to Silence the People's Demands

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency)
The national opposition parties in Bahrain said, "The regime's security crackdown in dealing with the ongoing crisis in Bahrain have proven its failure over the last two years. This repressive approach must stop. The crisis is political and needs an inclusive and serious political solution that can meet the demands of the political pro-democracy majority in Bahrain".

"Merging both approaches; political and repressive; is not possible. If the call for dialogue is serious about achieving positive results, all security measures and human rights violations perpetrated by the regime forces must be stopped. Also, the hatred and incitement against pro-democracy activists in official; and semi-official media must be stopped", the opposition stressed.

In the final communiqué of the mass protest on Tuesday (12th February,2013) titled " No for dictatorship" in Sanabis area , west of the capital Manama, the opposition said that arms and violence will not silence the people of Bahrain nor prevent them from calling for their fair and legitimate demands. The people have spent tens of years fighting and striving to achieve these demands and they will never give in until real democracy is achieved in Bahrain.

The opposition stressed that any political solution should be agreeable to the people of Bahrain and the decision should be made by the political majority of the people, and any decision or step not proven by the people will be illegitimate. Any solution should meet the aspirations of the people as the international community has been affirming since 2011. Not to mention its demands that any dialogue be meaningful and serious, otherwise it is a waste of time.

The opposition parties expressed their deep concern over the prisoners of conscience who are reported to have been on hunger strike inside detention- some stopped drinking water- protesting against the mistreatment and poor conditions in detention and depriving them from their basic humanitarian rights. The regime takes full responsibility for their situation and its outcomes.

The opposition parties stressed that abandoning the legitimate demands is not possible under any circumstances. The right to an elected government that represent the people's will cannot be abandoned, a transparent, independent and fair electoral system, fair electoral constituencies that fulfill the international principle "one-man one-vote", an elected council with full legislative and regulatory powers, a fair and independent judiciary, security services for all, these are demands that will never be abandoned whether in the dialogue or other.

The opposition parties emphasized that the world has acknowledged that the demands raised by the people of Bahrain are legitimate and humanitarian. It is not reasonable to let our beloved homeland to be left behind because of tyranny and dictatorship. The people of Bahrain refuse to be marginalized or to let a small group of people dominate the country's wealth and decision.

12th February 2013 –Bahrain

The opposition parties:
Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society
National Democratic Gathering Society
National Democratic Action Society
Unitary National Democratic Assemblage
Ekhaa National Society

Bahraini forces attack protesters in Manama

Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have fired tear gas at anti-regime demonstrators as they tried to march toward the former Pearl Square in the capital.

The rally was held as part of anti-regime rallies to mark the second anniversary of the popular uprising in the Persian Gulf state.

A similar protest was also held in the village of Sanabis, west of Manama, where demonstrators called for political reforms.

Bahrainis have been holding protest rallies across the country for more than a week ahead of the anniversary.

On Tuesday, opposition groups, including al-Wefaq and the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition, called for protests this week to mark the 2011 popular uprising against the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty.