Terror Plot Foiled, Public Security Chief said

Manama-Feb19(BNA) Public Security Chief Major General Tariq Hassan Al-Hassan has today held a press conference to reveal details of the terror cell which was first announced by the Interior Minister last Saturday.
The National Security Agency had information about a group which was planning to form a terror cell with the aim of attacking highly-sensitive civil and military sites and targeting public figures.
The Interior Ministry and the National Intelligence Agency decided then to set up a joint undercover taskforce to collect further intelligence information about the nature the group, regarding its affiliates, sources of financing and training.
Intensive security coordination revealed that the group was plotting to set up a terror cell which would serve as a nucleus for the so-called Al-Imam Army -an armed military organisation bent on terror activities.
The organisation includes several Bahrainis who are based inside Bahrain and abroad, in addition to other accomplices from different nationalities.
The accused terrorists who have been arrested appeared before the Public Prosecutor to be interrogated and face charges.
The security agencies are now tracking down four other accomplices, who are still at large, to bring them to justice and face charges.
The terror cell members who have been arrested have admitted that they had been recruited by Mirza Mohammed and Aqeel Jaafar – two Bahrainis based in Iran.
Investigation has also revealed that a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard codenamed "Abu Nasser" has masterminded the whole terror operation.
The terror cell was trained on the use of firearms, high explosives, collection of intelligence information and photographing sensitive sites.
The training of the terror cell took place in camps operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Islamic Republic, in addition to training sites belonging to Iraqi Hezbollah, located in both Karbala and Baghdad.
Iranian Revolutionary Guard member codenamed "Abu Nasser" supplied the terror cell with overall $80,000.
The terrorists had been assigned to collect intelligence information, photograph sensitive sites and military locations and stock the weapons which would be smuggled inside Bahrain under the supervision of Iranian "Abu Nasser".
Public Security Chief Major General Tariq Hassan Al-Hassan reiterated commitment to the constitution and law provisions, vowing zero-tolerance against any attempt to subvert national security.