Kuwait girl sleepless after losing intimate pictures

Help sought from Kuwait police after loss of memory stick with compromising pictures
  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Manama: A girl in Kuwait has solicited help from the local police to locate a flash memory stick that had compromising pictures.
The girl reportedly told the police that she was unable to sleep for three days after she lost the stick and that she was “extremely worried”, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Wednesday.
Pressed by the police, the girl who was not identified, said that she had kept the memory stick with the car ignition key on a chain and that she could not recall how or where it was lost.
The stick contained private pictures of the girl in skimpy clothes as well as other compromising photos, she reportedly told the police in Jahra, northwest of the capital Kuwait City.
The police pledged to help and recorded a case of a loss of a personal item, the daily said.
Most readers expressed their sympathy online, but they posted that the incident should serve as “an eye-opener” for those who carry “compromising pictures” in public places.
“I really feel for this girl who is now entangled by this incident,” Faisal, an office clerk, said. “She will live in fear of a scandal for a long time because she cannot be really sure what happened to the memory stick and to her pictures. Maybe a discreet person will simply erase them and it will be over. But also, maybe a not so discreet person will post her pictures on the net or on social networks or use them against her,” he said.