Kingdom of Bahrain participates in the International Donors' Conference for Reconstruction and Development of Darfur region

Doha: April 8 –-(BNA): The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Ghanim bin Fadhl Al-Buainain, led the Kingdom of Bahrain's delegation participating in the Darfur Reconstruction Conference currently held in the Capital of the sisterly State of Qatar, Doha, along with more than 40 participating countries and a large number of regional and international organizations to provide the necessary support towards development and reconstruction of the Sudanese region region of Darfur and to agree on a regular follow-up mechanism to ensure progress of the agreed development and revitalization programs in compliance with the Doha Agreement for Darfur Peace which stipulates the convening of an international donors' conference to contribute towards the development and reconstruction of Darfur.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs presented the Kingdom of Bahrain's speech in which he thanked the sisterly State of Qatar for hosting this conference and also praised Qatar's constant support to issues of various regions in the sisterly Republic of the Sudan, pointing out that the Doha Agreement signed in 2010 was the first step towards peace and reconstruction of Darfur region, adding that the conference has been convened today as a further new step on the same road.

The Minister thanked the Arab League's Secretary-General and the Arab League's member countries for their contributions in giving financial and material assistance for reconstruction of Darfur in order to attain more security, peace and stability in this important region of the brotherly Sudan and maintain its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, praising in this regard the GCC countries for their efforts in providing humanitarian assistance and pledging funds towards reconstruction and fulfilling their promise and also praised the African Union's efforts and its direct contribution in the peace process in the post-conflict era in coordination with the United Nations and major donor countries.

The International Donors' Conference for Reconstruction of Darfur comes after the Joint Committee had finalized its appraisal of the needs of Darfur throughout the period August-October 2012 and determined the needs for revitalization and development projects in Darfur for period 2013-2019.