Grandson of Bahrain's Former King: Syria Facing US-Israeli-Arab Plot

TEHRAN (FNA)- The grandson of the former Bahraini king, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad al-Fatih Al-Khalifa, strongly condemned the recent Israeli airstrike on Syria, calling it part of the US-Israeli-Arab plot against the crisis-hit Arab country.

"We condemn the savage Israeli strike on an Arab and Islamic state … and consider it as part of their ugly plot against Arabs and Islam," Al-Faith told FNA on Wednesday.

He said Syria is facing an international plot, and reiterated that the attack on the Arab and Islamic country is implemented by some Arab, western countries as well as Israel.

He called on international circles as well as the Arab and Islamic countries to react to the Israeli raid on Syria.

A large number of the world countries, including Iran, Russia, China and Yemen condemned the Israeli aggression against Syria. Lebanon, which borders both Israel and Syria, also condemned the air strikes and called on the UN Security Council to condemn violations of its air space by Israel.

On Sunday, Israeli rockets struck the Jamraya research center in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Syria said the Israeli regime had carried out an airstrike targeting a research center in a suburb of Damascus after heavy losses were inflicted on al-Qaeda-affiliated groups by the Syrian army.

Syria's Foreign Ministry sent letters to the United Nations and its Security Council stating that Israel's aggression shows the links between Tel Aviv and terrorist groups operating in Syria including the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi told reporters in Damascus on Sunday that Syria had the right and the duty to defend its people by all available means and it would not give in to Israeli acts of aggression.

The Israeli attacks on Syria have made the Middle-East more dangerous, the Syrian information minister said.

Also a senior Syrian military source told the Russia Today on Monday that the Zionist entity used depleted uranium shells in the strike in Syria.

"When the explosion happened, it felt like an earthquake, and then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells," the source said.

The Sunday Israeli aggression was Tel Aviv's second strike on Syria in three days and the third in the last five months.

The Jamraya facility was also targeted in an Israeli airstrike in January.