Blockades separating residential areas remind Bahrainis of the “apartheid wall”

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Bahraini authorities have taken on a campaign to siege certain areas known to be opponent to the Government. A number of residential areas have been isolated and surrounded with barriers or fences in order to contain protests inside.

The authorities first applied this method during the state of emergency back in 2011 by separating Sunni areas from Shiite areas with cement barriers. The regime did this as if to protect certain areas from others, only there is no motives for such fears on ground.

The blockades are put in joint roads between Sunni and Shiite areas (Budaiya and Duraz) and (Riffa and Aali). This illustrates the sectarian motives behind the blockades although no Sunni areas have been targeted by Shiite areas or the opposite. Which means the regime had intended to pass over to the public a planned envision during the peak of the official media incitement.

The Pearl square, where the historic mass protest was held, has also been totally blocked with cement barriers and razor wire for over two years now.

The blockades in Bahrain remind the citizens of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank and the Berlin Wall in Germany, both built for racial discrimination.