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Emissaries from the Afghan and US governments will meet members of the Taliban in Qatar, the country where the guerrillas have chosen to open a representative office.
“The United States – said a member of the American administration – will hold an official meeting with the Taliban, the first in years, in a few days in Doha.” The manager has stressed the importance of the meeting, calling it at the same time “the beginning of a very difficult path.”
A few hours earlier, Afghan President Hamid Karzai had announced the dispatch of a delegation from the High Council for Peace, an organization set up in 2010 with the objective to start negotiations with the guerrillas, to Qatar.
The Taliban have opened their office in Qatar today in order to coincide with a ceremony in Kabul marking the shift of responsibility for security from NATO to Afghan forces. For a long time the guerrillas have tied the start of talks to the withdrawal of foreign troops, which support Karzai, from their country.