AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 1-I'd like to send out some apologies to the people of #Bahrain whom have legitimate rights to any political structure or country.
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 2-I apologise,for even though we did all we can, we are sorry O' Source of all powers that you authority right is still confiscated
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 3-We are sorry dear people,Despite all efforts throughout the years,we still haven't been able to stop theft of the people's money
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 4-Your money is still being stolen along with your lands. Your shores are plundered under your eye-sight. #Bahrain
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 5-We are sorry,that when you are the people of this country,you get stopped at a point & assaulted by whom can't even speak Arabic
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 6-We are sorry that there are mercenaries in #Bahrain that torture, kill & practice collective punishment against people of Bahrain.
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 7- We are sorry,parents of whom have sacrificed their lives for #Bahrain ,for we still haven't put those guilty of your loss to fair trials
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 8-To those who are behind bars, we are sorry that we are still unable to give you #freedom, so you can live the life you deserve.
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 9-To our brothers and sons that are tortured daily for false confessions & to revenge of them,as documented by #BICI .We are sorry #Bahrain
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 10-To Rayhana and all women behind bars, we are sorry that your honor and modesty are being exposed with no one to deter that
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 12-We apologize to all victims of the continuous daily repression, please accept our apology for we have done all we can #BahrainEspandi Riduci Risposta 

AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 11-To those who were suspended from there jobs and still haven't been reinstated, We are sorry #Bahrain
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 13-We promise to do our best for you to gain your legitimate rights,for justice, just like what was recommended by the #BICI Report #Bahrain
AlwefaqEN ‏@AlWefaqEN 1h 14-Do these apologies mean failure?! As i said before, we and others have done all we can to correct this situation. #Bahrain