Bahrain Shia opposition leader Ali Salman 'arrested'


The main Shia opposition movement in Bahrain, al-Wefaq, says its leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, has been arrested.
In a statement, the group said Mr Salman was in detention after what it called a series of illegal measures by the prosecuting authorities.
It is unclear whether he has been charged with any offence.
Al-Wefaq won 18 seats in the last election in 2010 but its MPs resigned the next year after a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations.
Dozens died when the government moved to quash protests in Bahrain in February 2011. The protesters were demanding more rights and an end to discrimination against the majority Shia community by the Sunni royal family.
Al-Wefaq said a number of people were arrested on Saturday during a demonstration outside Mr Salman's home against his detention. It denounced the "excessive amount of toxic tear gas" used against them.
There was no immediate response from the authorities on the reported arrest.