Human rights activists commend royal speech


Manama, Feb. 14 (BNA)-- His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's speech marking the 13th anniversary of the National Action Charter (NAC) has been lauded by many human rights activists in Bahrain.

President of the National Institution for Human Rights Dr. Abdulaziz Abul extended congratulations to HM the King on the occasion, affirming that the charter has paved the way for an unprecedented political and social development.

"HM the King has laid the cornerstones for a graded, multi-phased and unlimited political system which is developing perpetually to cope with contemporary requirements while preserving Bahrain's identity and inherent traditions," he said, citing the many achievements yielded by NAC.

He also pointed out the fast-paced political march in Bahrain which, he said, has been able to accelerate its democratic process and bring about many achievements in just thirteen years since the launch of NAC while other democracies, like the UK's and the USA's, took longer time.

He commended the royal wisdom in handling issues, calling on all citizens to join hands so as to achieve forecast aspirations. He urged them to renounce violence and terrorism and focus on Bahrain's future and the national interest.

On her part, Head of the Shura Council Human Rights Committee Dr. Aisha Salim Al-Mubarak extended heartfelt congratulations to HM the King on NAC anniversary, commending the numerous achievements made at various levels.

She said development in Bahrain is an unabated process, as it was asserted by HM the King in his address. She praised the royal keenness to improve the living standard of all citizens and ensure all their needs are catered for.

Meanwhile, NIHR Secretary General Dr. Ahmed Farhan commended the royal speech, describing the NAC as the catalyst of Bahrain's fast-paced reform and development process and the guarantor of people's rights.

He urged citizens to respect the law and work on preserving hard-won achievements and building on them.

President of Bahrain Human Rights Group Faisal Fouladh said the royal speech marks the dawn of a new phase laden with further accomplishments so as to maintain Bahrain's leading status on the path of democracy, reform and development.