Saudis adopt 6,691 babies


Saudi families have adopted 6,691 abandoned children, according to a report released by the Justice Ministry on Friday.
“Courts in the Kingdom have completed procedures for the adoption of 391 abandoned children in 2013,” the report said.
Eid Al-Buqami, director of orphan care at the Ministry of Social Affairs, said there is a long list of Saudi families who intend to adopt children. “Our offices in different regions have received a large number of such applications.”
He said abandoned children are taken to hospitals for medical check up before being handed over to families seeking to adopt them. Police conduct necessary investigations as part of the procedure.
The ministry receives the child on the instructions of the regional governorates, Al-Buqami said.
“Families who adopt the children must make arrangements for breastfeeding. This is a basic condition,” he added.