Bahrain foils plot to carry out series of bombings


Suspects accused of interacting with Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah
Gulf News
Manama: The interior ministry on Wednesday said that a terrorist plot to carry out a series of bombings within Bahrain has been foiled by security authorities.
Investigations that led to the arrest of the leaders and members of the terrorist group, named as ‘Al Basta Group’, also found that the group received financial and logistical support from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRG) and Hezbollah.
“Security authorities’ investigations found connections between members of the Al-Basta Group and the Saraya Al Ashar terrorist group, whose members have previously been convicted of terror attacks within the Kingdom,” the ministry said. “Al Basta Group has also been found to hold links with suspects involved in a Sitra (South of the capital Manama) bombing on July 28, which resulted in the death of two policemen and caused injuries to six others. Al Basta Group was also found to have been in close contact with Murtatha Majeed Ramdhan Alawi, known as Al Sindi, 33, who is a fugitive in Iran and wanted in connection with several terrorist attacks. The Ministry of Interior also confirmed that two additional fugitives remain at large, naming them as Eisa Saleh Eisa Mohammad Salman, 35, and Mohammad Saleh Esa Mohammad Salman, 38.”
Two suspects, named as Ali Ahmad Fakhrawi and his brother Mohammad Ahmad Fakhrawi, are said to have led the group’s military branch, Tayar Al Wafa Al Islami. Security authorities said Ali Fakhrawi travelled to Iran in 2011 to secure support from senior members of the IRG and Hezbollah.
‫”Additionally, Ali Fakhrawi travelled to Lebanon’s Beirut suburbs area in 2012 accompanied by suspects Zuhair Ashoor and Hussain Abdul Wahab, to seek financial support from Hezbollah. During their visit, they met Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, and his deputy, Naaim Qassim, where they proposed the revival of the ‘Tayar Al Wafa Al Islami’ terrorist organisation. Investigations found that the individuals sought financial assistance in order to support terrorist attacks in Bahrain, and that Hasan Nasrallah welcomed their efforts and provided them with $20,000.”