Bahrain Resorts to “Israeli-like Undercover Units”: Civilian Vehicles Infiltrate Crowds & Make Arrests


Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrainis continued to stage massive protests across the Kingdom of Bahrain to voice their adherence to the goals and demands of the February 14 movement which entered its sixth year, as regime forces attempted to tighten their grip to silence any form of protest. It was evident that the authorities wanted to arrest as many citizens as possible ahead of the uprising's fifth anniversary which happens to be today on Sunday (February 14, 2016) in order to clear the streets of protestors and any activity.
In addition to regularly launched house raids, the regime this time followed Israel's suit by confronting the protestors with "undercover police units".
These undercover Israeli police units are called Mista'arvim. They are created to infiltrate local Arab and Palestinian communities by dressing up and acting as Palestinians, knowing Arabic well and Arab customs. They use the surprise element to achieve arrests.
It seems that the Bahraini regime has established a unit similar to Israel's Mista'arvim, as members of these units patrol hotspots in civilian clothing, drive civilian vehicles, infiltrating opposition areas and crowds of protestors and then surprise demonstrators by beating and arresting them.
On Friday (February 12, 2016), activists reported seeing white vans arresting citizens in three areas: A'ali, Saar, and Bilad Al-Qadeem. A video was recently circulated showing Bahraini Interior Ministry forces dressed in civilian clothing arresting a youth. The footage also showed masked militiamen pursuing a protestor and then dragging him into a civilian van.