The Assad files: How Syrian dictator handed 'Kill List' of hundreds of Islamic State fighters to British MPs


...The junior British doctor who is number four on the 'Kill List'

The Assad ‘kill list’ will provoke outrage over its inclusion at number four of a junior British doctor killed after president Bashar al-Assad’s forces shelled the hospital he was working in. Isa Abdur Rahman, 26, died in may 2013 in a mortar attack on a hospital in Idlib province.
Dr Rahman had left his position with the Royal free Hospital in north London to volunteer with a British charity working in Syria.  At the time, Islamic State had still to get a grip on rebel-held areas.
Dr Isa Abdur Rahman
Dr Isa Abdur Rahman CREDIT: PA
Dr Rahman had flown to Syria in 2012, helping civilians in areas caught up in the bitter civil war between forces loyal to Assad and opposition fighters. Dr Rahman was buried in Atmeh, a village close to the Turkish border, where he had helped to set up a clinic after first arriving in Syria.
He subsequently moved to a field hospital in Idlib which was where he was working when it came under attack and he was killed. There is no justification for Dr Rahman being included on a list that includes the likes of ‘Jihadi John’ and other British jihadi terrorists.