20 terror suspects, including 4 women, arreste

09 : 55 PM - 21/02/2017
Manama, Feb.21 (BNA): As part of the search and investigation that led to the foiling of the attempt by fugitives to flee the country via the sea to Iran on February 9, a number of terror cells that were about to carry out terrorist plots have been dismantled through a comprehensive security plan.

Proactive operations were successfully carried out from February 9 to 19, and 20 individuals who were wanted in security cases were arrested. Four women were among those who were arrested and were charged with aiding and abetting fugitives.

One of the arrestees admitted to killing First-Lt Hisham Al Hamadi who was shot dead in Bilad Al Qadeem on January 29. Two others were involved in setting up secret bomb-making warehouses. An investigation revealed that eight of those arrested had received military training on arms and the use of explosives in Iran and Iraq.

The arrestees who were involved in executing the jailbreak and sheltering fugitives are:

1- Sadiq Ahmed Mansoor Ahmed, 27
2- Amira Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil, 35
3- Faten Abdulhussain Ali Nasser, 41
4- Hameeda Juma Ali Abdullah, 40
5- Mona Habib Adrees Saleh, 46
6- Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil Ahmed, 65
7- Abdulshaheed Ahmed Ali Al Shaikh, 37
8- Ahmed Hassan Redhi, 23
9- Abulfadhel Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil, 24

Al Dair group, involved in various terrorist crimes:

1- Jaffar Naji Ramadhan Ali Humaidan, 22
2- Yousif Hassan Mohammed Hassan, 22
3- Ali Hassan Abdulali Hamaad, 30
4- Mohsen Ahmed Ali Al Naham, 24 years
5- Mohammed Hassan Abdali Al Naham, 46

Arrestees involved in various terrorist cases:

1- Ahmed Isa Ahmed Isa Al Mulali, 23, confessed to murdering officer Hisham Al Hamadi, saying he was assigned to do so by Hussain Dawood who escaped to Iraq.
2- Ahmed Ali Ahmed Yousif, 20, set up secret warehouse of explosive in his house
3- Salman Mohammed Salman Mansoor, 31, provided satellite phones to assist the escape of fugitives
4- Hussain Mohammed Salman Mansoor, 36, provided satellite phones to assist the escape of fugitives
5- Hussain Isa Ahmed Ali Al Shaer, 34, received military training in Iran
6- Hani Younis Yousif Ali, 21, assisted with another suspect in setting up a secret warehouse of explosives.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science has taken legal steps and referred the suspects to the Public Prosecution.