NGOs Raise Concern Over Forcibly Disappeared Sayed Alawi


Today, 23 August 2017, a group of international NGOs, including Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain and Amnesty International, sent a letter to the Bahraini government to request information concerning Sayed Alawi Hussain al-Alawi. Sayed Alawi is a victim of enforced disappearance; the Bahraini authorities have forcibly disappeared him for more than nine months. His family has no knowledge of his location, charges, or physical well-being. In the letter, the NGOs urge the Bahraini government to immediately disclose the location and charges against Sayed Alawi and to provide him with access to his family, legal representation, and medical treatment. The NGOs call for the release of Sayed Alawi unless the Bahraini government has charged him with a recognizable criminal offence.
To read the full text of the letter, click here for a PDF or see below.