Chiefs caught up in Bahrain sex and corruption scandals



A series of criminal investigations into Bahrain’s sex trade has netted several Navy chief
petty officers, according to charge sheets provided to Navy Times.
While officials count six known defendants facing court-martial proceedings in the
Middle East and in the United States — including a lieutenant commander — Navy Times
has court records tied to four sailors.
Although their alleged crimes and the tawdry details attached to them seem similar,
military officials insist that the six cases spun out of separate Naval Criminal Investigative 
Service probes and are not connected to each other.
“NCIS has opened separate investigations into allegations involving these sailors.
The Navy is unable to comment on the details while the investigation is ongoing,”
said Cmdr. Joshua Frey, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.
Often shortened to “NAVCENT,” the command controls not only the Navy’s 5th Fleet
but several maritime task forces operating in the Red and Arabian seas, the
 Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

It was impossible for Navy Times to determine independently whether the ongoing NCIS
 “Operation High Tide” probes were separate or linked together. Military officials
redacted the code names of the cooperating source or sources in the records provided
 to Navy Times.
All the defendants have maintained their innocence and their attorneys continue to
contest the charges.
Tawdry accusations
Military prosecutors accuse Chief Operations Specialist Jayson Waitman Grant of
 participating in a late 2017 venture centered in the Juffair neighborhood of Manama
— the capital of Bahrain — which recruited, transported and obtained prostitutes
“by means of fraud or coercion.”
Questioned by an NCIS agent on Oct. 5, Grant allegedly lied when he claimed to
have never conversed with anyone “regarding housing prostitutes and making
 money off their sexual acts,” according to his charge sheet.
He also allegedly allowed an unnamed third party to pay his apartment rent,
information he was required to disclose to his commanding officer.
Military records show that Grant was assigned to Naval Surface Squadron 5 in
Bahrain before he was moved to the Transient Personnel Unit in Norfolk five months ago.
Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Jihad Hobeson Littlejohn is now assigned to the same
 Norfolk unit but he served aboard the patrol ship Hurricane until March 9, according
 to his military records. More...

A riverine command boat skims the coastal waters of Bahrain in 2014. (Navy)
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